WalkingTreePeru provides group and private tours to students, families, adventure-seekers and seniors. Our priority is to rescue the native, indigenous trees that are quickly becoming endangered. In doing this, not only are we making an environmental impact and teaching these priorities to our children, but we are waking up our own consciousness. We work with native people in the Andes mountains. We provide not just a typical “tour”, but an intercultural experience where you will get to know the local indigenous people, their customs and traditions. You will work side by side with them as together you plant trees to help restore the ecosystem that has been badly deforested. We also teach local people to care for the trees so that they can help to protect the environment in which they live. All of our tours are locally run, employing the help of all local people.

WalkingTreePeru is anexperienced travel nonprofit organization specializing in custom trips in Peru. We were founded by 3 diverse people that have one thing in common – the desire to make a positive impact on the environment.

Alicia Kozuch

Alicia Kozuch – born and raised in New York City, Alicia has been living between Peru and the U.S. for the last 4 years. As an engineer and educator, Alicia has been volunteering in Andean communities in both education and energy projects. As part owner of Buen Power Peru, a solar energy company that brings solar light to the off-grid indigenous population, Alicia is well known and loved by local families in the Highlands.

Wilfredo Gibaja Tapia


Wilfredo Gibaja Tapia – born in Ollantaytambo, Peru, Wilfredo has been a tour guide and trek leader for over 20 years. He is an expert in native history and culture – which has been passed down to him through his family for generations. Owner of the acclaimed Puma Path Adventures Peru – trekking company, his experience in planning and executing trekking and touring experiences is beyond reproach. An experience planned by Eddy is always an adventure!

Alejandro Huiñape Atauchi


Alejandro Huiñape Atauchi – a native of Urubamba, Peru, Alejo is a master builder who has been trained to work in both traditional and modern construction practices. Alejo has vast experience in horticulture and green house design and building, and regularly organizes and works with craftsmen from the local villages. Always sporting a smile, magic seems to happen whenever Alejo is around!

Ana Komar

Ana Komar – Born on the East Coast of the USA, Ana moved to Peru at the young age of 15 to work in an NGO for girls in the Sacred Valley. Becoming passionate for the people and mountains of the area, Ana moved back to the US to complete her business degree – since then moving to Germany to continue her studies in Management and Psychology. She has since returned with her knowledge and expertise to help connect our guests to the local people in the best ways possible.