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All projects are sustainable projects which benefit the local, indigenous communities.

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Solar Energy Education Project

In the Andes Mountains of Peru, the world’s most direct descendants of the Inca Empire live in extreme poverty. The villages of this region are very isolated and lack access to public services. In particular, access to education is extremely limited. Very few children who live in the rural communities are able to attend secondary school. Young children walk up to two hours just to attend elementary school. The closest secondary school is several hours from many of the impoverished villages nestled deep in the highlands. Children who do have the opportunity to attend high school are often sent to live in larger towns where a school exists. They are faced with not only a different education style, but the additional challenges of living away from home, and adapting to a new community. Needless to say, they are starting at a disadvantage.

These children are left behind in their learning. One major reason is the lack of quality education materials for teachers in the remote villages. This project alleviates this concern, and provides up to date, modern teaching methods to teachers so that they can engage children on a higher level. Students are then more excited about learning, and have more opportunity. Those that continue on to high school are better prepared to learn in a modern environment.

This project provides laptop computers, educational software and a solar panel system for charging to each school. Teachers will be trained and responsible for the mini computer lab which will be provided to their school.


  • Help install solar panel system.
  • Help install laptops.
  • Help install software on laptops.
  • Help teach teachers software.
  • Work with children on laptops.
  • Teach children other skills.BUILD A GREENHOUSE

Objectives of the green house

The native Andean people used to live in much lower altitudes. Their diets consisted of quinoa, kiwicha, quañiwa, and other local Andean nutritious super foods. Throughout time, they had to retreat to living in the mountains. Their formerly nutritious diets were left behind. As a result, children have poor diets and suffer from malnutrition. This project helps to provide the means for a local community to grow nutritious food. Specifically, this project:

  • Provides fresh and organic vegetable for the kitchens at the schools of local communities.
  • Helps the children become stronger and healthier
  • Promotes the use organic products as fertilizer, such as llama, guinea pig, sheep and chicken manure, etc.
  • Promotes the making of organic fertilizer by using leaves and the leftovers of vegetables


Help construct the greenhouse by:

  • Transporting materials.
  • Cut and transport renewable wood for the structure.
  • Work with local craftsmen to construct the greenhouse.
  • Create beds for seedlings.
  • Plant and care for seedlings.