Sacred Valley


In a tourist bus, we travel from Cusco past Saqsaywaman & Tambomachay, over the mountains toward the Sacred Valley,pisac,ollantaytambo,chincheros,cusco

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Departures every day from Cusco or the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Optional Itinerary: (choose any of these private tours according to your needs)
The pick up from your hotel to start the tours,depends where you will stay.

Day 1:
Pick up early in the morning from your hotel in Cusco, Pisac, Ollantaytambo,or the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

From cusco:Cusco the Incan Civilization Capital:Visit Awana Kancha ( special location to see Andean weavers working, llama, alpaca farm, 30 min from Cusco), Visit Pisac market Pisac archaeological site , Lunch at Pisac town, and then visit Ollantaytambo archaeological site and town ,after finish the tour at Ollantaytambo in the afternoon we will return to Cusco by the road of Chinchero (1h 30min) to the hotel. If you stay in the Sacred we will drop you in the sacred valley ,if your plans are to take the train to Machupicchu we will drop you at Ollantaytambo train station.

Day 2:Pick up early in the morning from the hotel in Cusco,Visit Chinchero nice Inca city with nice farming lands and very beatiful church ,visit Moray agriculture Center, Maras salt mines a natural resource from the inca times, and then Ollantaytambo.After finish the tour at Ollantaytambo or salt mines return to Cusco by the same road to the hotel. Optional box lunch.

Day 3:Pick up early in the morning from the hotel in Cusco, Visit Huaro town, visit stone museum,” Andahuyllillas sixtina chapel” visit Pikillacta Pre Inca archaeological site(Wary-Huary civilization) and then visit Tipon, another Inca archaeological site. After finish our tour ,return to Cusco by the same road to the hotel .Optional lunch at tipon.

Day 4:Pick up from your hotel at Cusco or Sacred Valley , early in the morning or early in the afternoon, visit the main archaeological sites around Cusco Sacsayhuaman,Kenko, Pukara, Tambomachay ,and then visit inka museun the best museum in Cusco city . “Other tour options from Sacred valley of the Incas or Cusco”

(Choose any of these private tours according to your needs)

Daily Departure:
Day 1:
sacred-valley-03From Cusco or Sacred Valley of the Incas ,place for the rest of Inca kings,Visit Ollantaytambo inca archaeologicalsite, visit the alive inca town with traditional houses of the incacivilization, at inca houses we will appreciate guinea pig farms houses like museums and people still living at inca houses and then visit Huilloc or Patacancha village to meet some nice friendly Andean people from the mountains dressing traditional clothes, people who speak quechua and preserve many traditions,Inca civilization descendant people. after finish our tour at Huilloc or Patacancha village return by the same road to the hotel in the sacred valley or cusco.

If we travel to the small native villages on the mountains donations or fruits can be taken for the childrens, they will be happy and very thankful. Up on the mountains the people they are also good weavers maybe you want to buy weaves, textails, typical articles tha is ok to help and support the people economy on the mountains.

Day 2:
sacred-valley-01From Cusco or Sacred Valley of the Incas ,place for the rest of Inca kings,Visit Pisac Potato Park, visit the farmers on the mountains of Pisac, at Potato park we will see many, species or varieties of potato (around 1’420 varieties of potatos). This eco preserve is living monument to the descedants of the Inca Civilization and their most prized food. In the Potato Park also will meet some other group of nice and friendly andean people dressing traditional clothes and people who speak quechua language, people who preserve many old inka traditions. After our visit Potato Park we will return to visit Pisac archeological site, and then Pisac market and then we will return to the hotel.Optional lunch at Pisac.

If we travel to the potato park on the mountains of Pisac you can take donations or fruit for the childrens at Pisac mountains, like in the first case up there is another group of nice childrens they will be very happy and thankful, also on the Pisac mountains is possible to buy typical articles or weaves to help and support people economy on the mountains.

Day 3:
VISIT HANGING INKA BRIDGE: Pick up from your hotel approx , 6:30 -7:00 am,trip by car for the South Valley of Cusco ,visit small villages along the way,visit lakes ,visit small volcanic mountains, visit the wonderful bridge call, Queswachaca, Inka Hanging Bridge (optional box lunch) and then return ,visit the wonderful archaeological site call Raqchi,visit Raqchi market a nice traditional market. In the afternoon return to Cusco .

What is included?:

  • Pick up fron your hotel in the morning.
  • Private safe new transport with professional driver.
  • Private english speaking professional guide.

What is not included?:

  • Meals lunch you can pay lunch in the restaurants or you can buy box lunch.
  • You need to carry personal equipament, (walking poles. Cameras small back pack, rain jacket,confortable footwear, water, hat, sun block, snaks.

Prices for both options : Rates or Tour cost are Per day:
Private service.


US$ 230


Please remember this is private tour we do not add other people in our group. If you are student don’t forget to bring the isic valid student card the cost of the tickets for different national parks is ½ cost with the valid student card.

Payment details:
To confirm your trip, pay 50% by western union. Paypal to (, Pay the other 50 % in your arrival to Cusco in our office before or after finish the tour, payment can be made in cash us $ or s/ local currency (peruvian money) thanks.