Ancestral Tours Service

Ancestral tours combine exploring the best of Inca sacred places with doing service work. Our tours are geared to any age or physical condition. When you tour with WTP you will experience an interchange of cultures with local Andeans while you visit. Because we are a certified nonprofit organization, proceeds from your tour go back into helping the local communities. One full day of service is included in your tour. During this day, you will rise early and be introduced to a local family. You will have a traditional breakfast with the community. Before your service starts, you will participate in an Incan ceremony to offer thanks to Pachamama (Mother Earth) for all that she provides, and ask for good wishes as we start our day. Then you will plant a tree with a local family. Your tour guide will explain the importance of environmental conservation to the local family, and how to care for the tree that you’ve planted. Spend the rest of the day doing community work with the family as they go about their daily tasks. This could include anything from shepherding llamas or alpacas to caring for guinea pigs, shearing wool, weaving or farming potatoes and quinoa. You will learn some basic Quechua, the native indigenous language, as you become friends with the family members. As the day comes to a close, you will help prepare a traditional Pachamanca (cooking your meal with hot stones) for a delicious dinner to share with your family by the campfire.

All hotels are very comfortable 3 star hotels for a great night's sleep. Other grade hotels are available at your request.