One of the biggest problems In the Andes right now is that the native Andean trees are disappearing. Wildlife and ecosystems are being disrupted and are disappearing. One reason for this is that trees from other locations have been planted and are overtaking the local trees.Our purpose is to teach local people how important it is to plant native trees, and care for them, so that their children will enjoy the traditional heritage of their ancestors. When you have a WalkingTree experience, you will have a learning exchange that takes place between you and locals as you work together.

The heart of the program is an environmental volunteering opportunity. With WalkingTreePeru, you will participate in a volunteer program which will include one of the following:

These programs also provide inter-cultural exchange, as you work side by side with local indigenous people. Take a break during the day with a delicious traditional meal prepared by your local family.


We are always looking for volunteers to help implement our program!
Do you have skills (or would like to learn) in any of the following?

If you do, we may be the place for you! In exchange for room and board, be a part of our fun, interesting team that is making a difference.
Contact us, with your availability at: